The New York Yankees

A topic I think is controversial between me and my friends is if the New York Yankees are the greatest baseball franchise in the history of MLB. Being a very big Yankees fan, I believe the Yankees are. However, a lot of my friends from Boston, think otherwise. So, I put together some facts to help you guys make the choice about the Yankees.

1) The Yankees, as of 2015 have 27 World Championships, the most of any team.

2) Some of the greatest baseball players of all time were Yankees at one time. Just to mention a few, Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Ricky Henderson, Deion Sanders, Lou Gehrig, Roger Clemens and of course, Derek Jeter.

3) They are the classiest team in baseball and maybe any sport. The owners of the Yankees are the Steinbrenner family. The Steinbrenner family put a rule on the Yankees that cleaned them up forever. They banned long hair and facial hair. Everyone has the same haircuts on the Yankees and when you see them as a team, they look clean cut and mature. Also, their pinstripe uniforms make everything look a lot sharper.

These are only three of the reasons I believe the Yankees are the greatest franchise in the MLB and I hope you agree. Comment below on who you think is the greatest MLB franchise!


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